Our Social Media

To help combat the rising number of fake social media profiles, please make sure you only interact with our official channels:


@nqtouchfootball https://facebook.com/nqtouchfootball

(note: our previous Facebook page is still visible, but is no longer maintained - https://facebook.com/nqtouch)


@nqtouch https://x.com/nqtouch

@nqcyclones https://x.com/nqcyclones


@nqtouch https://instagram.com/nqtouch

Official NQ Touch Website

The official NQ Touch website can be accessed via the following URL's:

  • Our primary URL is: nqtouch.au
  • These URL's will also redirect you to our website:
    • nqtouch.com.au
    • touchnq.com.au

If you see any other social media profile or account using our images, logo, name, etc. please report them using the social media network's reporting features, and then let us know via email!