Affiliation Information

To affiliate your local competition to the North Queensland Touch Association Inc., and in turn Queensland Touch Football and Touch Football Australia, local associations must fulfill affiliation requirements for each season they conduct a touch football competition.

Requirements include:

  • Registering the start and end dates of each competition conducted, including any special events such as courses, carnivals, etc.;
  • Completing all required affiliation forms;
  • Paying all affiliation fees;
  • Be an incorporated association registered with the QLD Office of Fair Trading;
  • Remaining up-to-date and compliant with all QLD Office of Fair Trading regulations.


Becoming an affiliated local competition

Local touch football associations that wish to become affiliated through the Touch Football Australia structure, and receive the benefits of being part of the nationally-recognised touch football framework, must first apply for membership to the North Queensland Touch Association Inc.

In addition to a covering letter, applications for affiliations should include the following:

  • Official name of the incorporated association;
  • Contact details of all association office bearers, including elected committee members and technical directors;
  • Location of the association, including postal details, competition venue/s, etc.
  • Proposed competition structure; i.e. season start dates, divisions, etc.

For more information about affiliation, please contact us.


Affiliation Forms

The following forms are required to be submitted by affiliated local associations to the North Queensland Touch Association Inc. each season.

  1. NQ Touch Affiliation and Insurance Form (contact the NQ Touch Office to received the current form)
  2. ANX 3 Form Annual Registration 
  3. Updated Affiliate Contact Details